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A Television/Internet Discipleship Initiative of Key Media/Al Hayat


Hayat Biblical School (HBS) exists to prepare and equip men and women with the focus particularly upon Muslim background believers (MBBs), from the Arabic-speaking world to pursue a deeper knowledge of God and their relationship with Him and to serve Him more effectively in their cultural context.   Our goal and hope is to make disciples who are then disciple others who are then disciples of nations and transform the Arabic-speaking world for Christ.


God has been working in the entire Arabic-speaking world (25 Arabic speaking countries as well as other countries with Arabic-speaking diaspora) in powerful ways with a number of Muslims having come to faith in Jesus Christ with significant numbers in the last decade. According to the Al Jazeera channel, “The conversion of Muslims to Christianity in North Africa has gone out of control”, the same is true in Egypt, Northern Iraq, Southern Algeria and other Middle East countries.

The majority of these new followers of Jesus came as a result of the ministry of Hayat TV (The Life Channel) in particular and their new media (Internet and social media) in general.  Today, nearly every house has an internet connection, Satellite TV dish or access.  This growth has resulted in an ever increasing need for a school that will assist believers to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word as well as to advance the Kingdom.


Hayat Biblical School is designed to meet the great need for training and equipping MBBs with both an online and TV program format which will allow students from all countries around the world to study the Bible, theology and other ministry-equipping courses offered in the Arabic language.


To train and equip MBBs in a convenient, accessible and secure environment to serve Christ and His Church in an efficient and effective way.

To provide the biblical foundation for people who want to be trained and equipped to serve Christ as house Church leaders.

To provide the biblical foundation to make MBBs diciplers of their community and Nation.


Authority of the Word of God

Hayat Biblical School is committed to the centrality and authority of the divinely inspired Word of God.  The Bible is the foundation of all that pertains to life, belief, and theology and is the central theme of all classes.

Authentic Christian Life

We hold that true Christianity is demonstrated by a life that is in the process of being conformed to the image of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   We emphasize a combination of growth in knowledge gained from the study of the Word of God and the development of a yielded spirit to the personal ministry of the Spirit of God.

Commitment to Service

Hayat Biblical School emphasizes the need for all believers to have an absolute commitment to be actively involved in serving the needs of the Body of Christ and also seeking to proclaim the gospel to all those outside the faith.

Evangelical Unity

Hayat Biblical School is committed to reach and equip Muslims background believers and Christian background believers regardless of cultural, denominational or theological affinity.  We hold that while there are many diverse theological and methodological positions within the Body of Christ, we identify the essential core centered on the person and work of Christ and find unity while celebrating and learning from our diversity.

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